I wish I Could Sit Here . . .


 In my last post the title was “Random Thoughts As I Sit Here.” So  a slight twist in this blog entry. Let’s get to the bottom of the matter. This may be gross but I have to get it out (my story that is, sorry). Have you ever tried to fully and safely utilize an auto-flush toilet? I am sure you have. The frustrating thing is trying to place the sanitary cover on the seat prior to the sit down. My experience took place the other day at The Vancouver Clinic. No sooner do I rip a cover out and place it on the seat and then I make the slightest move . . . .  yep it flushes and down the drain goes the cover. Again, and again and again.  Boy so much for a water saving device eh? While I was in the middle of this ridiculous exercise someone kept knocking on the restroom door. Anyways, I finally figured it out since there were only two covers left in the dispenser. I went over to the paper towel dispenser which was also automatic. I waved my hand several times and managed to get a  decent size towel. I place the paper towel over the sensing head on the toilet and proceeded to cover the seat. Someone continues to beat upon the door. I stand back and double dare that thing to do another royal flush. Ha! Success. I guess it is nice to have such touch less wonders, the toilet, the water faucet, the soap dispenser, the paper towels . . . but hey, I am busy – quit knocking on the door!  ~Patrick


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