Strolling Just Because It Is There

Photo by Sandy Sahagian

I stroll through the vineyard with the smoky hills before me, dry soil beneath my feet and the majestic mountain looming toward the heavens. My little shadow follows me as I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Sun shining upon my skin warming my inward being guiding my way through nature’s course. I walk not alone but with the spirits of others that have gone before.

Refreshing, I take in the glory of it all. The quiet sounds that I cannot hear and the small things I cannot see. The season is changing as the sun amuses itself while earth tilts its axis from pole to pole.

Soon the nocturnal bliss will follow me home and as I lie down to rest my weary soul I will dream of the day gone by. Memories will exist forever in my mind and the simple pleasures of life are my staple.     ~Patrick Timm

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