Book Release Scheduled for November 1, 2013

coverWhispers in the Wind~The Calling is scheduled for release November 12, 2013. This is the first book in the trilogy, Whispers in the Wind.  Print and Ebooks available  on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others.  An eBook is available on

Book overview~

It is early autumn in the Pacific Northwest and Jack Bellard, an independent copywriter in Portland, Oregon was looking for a break from his busy life. He ventures out for a day hike on Mount Hood and stumbles upon an unknowing pathway back in time. Sharing his adventure with Lisa Willows, a production coordinator with a large corporation, they encounter two worlds over a century apart. Jack discovers that he once lived in that past and was good friends with a native Indian tribe and in love with a beautiful Indian maiden. As his feelings grow for Lisa, memories return of his love for the Indian maiden. Throughout a twist of seeking the whispers in the wind, Jack must ultimately make the most important decision of his life. One man, now in a world of his own, drawn there by a world he left behind.

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