Rainy Days . . . Reflections

I guess I was in one of those somber moods recently while preparing to write my column. Sitting at my desk I looked out the window at the gloomy gray skies and rain. My mind full of plot lines of my current novel in progress, tasks to do and other trite things.
rain-gauge-kids_-800X800My mind shortly back in the present, I could hear the chorus of frogs through the slightly opened rain splattered window. A robin was pulling a huge night crawler from the emerging green blades of grass below my window. A neighbor dressed in an armor of rain gear walked her little dogie also with a raincoat on his back down the street. A comical pair of Mallard ducks once again landed in the swelling retention pond across the street from my window. Thoughts of childhood and a young tow haired boy with a bright yellow raincoat and rubber boots wading in every puddle that came his way danced in front of me. I chuckled with memories of rainy days. The world was alive and well, yes indeed. In my mind and out the window. Remember–after the gray skies and rain, clearing skies will follow. The sun will shine. Reflect and enjoy the moment. ~Patrick Timm

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days . . . Reflections”

  1. Pat-
    The Columbian has a good weather page. Good maps and almanac statistics, and I enjoy your columns. Weather has interested me since a basic class in aviation meteorology grabbed my interest when I was in Navy flight training in the 1960s. Keep up the good work and have a Merry and safe Christmas…!

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