Winter’s Chill Arrives in Autumn’s Mist . . .

Be still. Listen to the wind. The sun shines bright. Barren branches grace the sky. The chill is here. The season welcomes you into nature’s world. Delicate ice crystals flee the rising sun gathering in the shadows. Be still. Listen to the wind. It talks to you. Now, just nod and smile.

Clear skies and sunshine graced the landscape. Brisk east winds fresh from snow covered lands ushered in yet another round of winter’s chill. Autumn sits back in a vexatious mood while winter weather takes the stage.

“You are a bit early are you not?” asks Autumn. Winter ignores Autumn’s soft spoken tone and takes a deep breath ready to expel another cold gust of wind. “Do you not hear my request of reprieve? We are not ready for your chill. Your time will come and mine beckons to continue for a short while. I am not finished with my task. Your presence has so quickly discolored my season too early it seesnow-flurryms. Can I not have more days?”

Winter retracts from its grumpy mood and stares at Autumn. “I suppose we can make a compromise. Perhaps we can share the realm of time. Am I all of what it seems? Is there not beauty and solace in my offerings? Perhaps I was a bit hasty to enter the land. I will grant you a reprieve for just a short while. But remember, I will be close by. Finish your cheer. Moisten the air and leave your puddles upon the ground. And then after that I will return.”

Autumn smiled. “Thank you my dear friend. As you leave in a few days hence, I will reign once again. I will bring back the clouds and rain. And offer a south and west wind to temper your chilly mood.”

Yes, there can be peace in nature’s realm. Anxious to entertain it can sometimes overwhelm. ~Patrick TImm

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